Thursday, November 10, 2011

los angeles,ca family photography: the Y family

I've been blessed to shoot this family in every stage of becoming a family! 
amber and chris are gorgeous themselves, and at the beginning of the year, they brought into the world their beautiful brooklynn. 
we met up for a quick holiday mini session, and it had been a few months since i had seen the family. i couldn't believe just how much brooklynn had grown! her adorable chubby cheeks made me want to just cuddle and kiss her and forget about her parents! 

thank you Y family! it is always a pleasure! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

los angeles,ca family photography: the t shirt wins

sometimes as parents, we envision our family photos a certain way. 
perfectly pressed khakis, a tailored shirt with no stains, ruffles that are just ruffley enough,
smiles and giggles and posed just right...
and then reality hits,
and sometimes, you just gotta roll with it!

 the t shirt won. 

thank you Cain family, for keeping a happy spirit when the terrible two's were taking over! we may not have captured the "perfect" family photo, but we definitely caught personalities!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reno, NV family photography: the hamm family

i love when a mom tells her boys to take off their shoes and run around outside in their argyle socks.
 she took the time to find them, she wants them shown off! 
it's the little details you can get away with when you have sons.
(a woman after my own heart!)

the fact that these two boys were obviously great buds like i can only dream mine will be one day, with the giggling and tickle fights, climbing through the trees and a river (ok, it was a creek, but to this city girl, it was a river!) made my afternoon with the Hamm family a fun adventure!

there are a LOT of images in this post! I had a very hard time narrowing down my favorites, and since they showed just how much fun we were having, i decided to include them all! 

 this next one is one of those happy accidents. it was a settings check, since we had just switched locations. when i saw it, my jaw about hit the floor. i love the mama/sons connection it shows, and want to hang it in my own office!

thank you hamm family, for an exciting afternoon with your family! 2 hours was just not enough time for me to spend with y'all! i look forward to the next time i get to be part of your family! 



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