Wednesday, March 30, 2011

project 52, week 12 and 13: family time

when i was young, i dreamed of having a son. not just to have the family name live on, or to see my husband act like a little boy again, but so i could have date nights with him. yep, i wanted to take him out to dinner and ice cream, and have these fun, loving relationships you see in commercials (blame olive garden: "are you meeting some one ma'am?" "yes, he's brunette, with a great smile, and his shoes are probably untied", as the son runs up to give her a hug). luckily, i was blessed with two of my own, meaning mama always has a date to baskin robbins! 

e and i enjoying date night together...

this past week was my family's annual vacation together. 14 of us bunking up in one house, this time in monterrey, ca. here's a peek at the amazing property we were staying on...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pasadena children's photography: Waverly is 3 months!

last week i met up with brianne for lunch with her precious little Waverly. 
i warned her i would be coming with camera, so she better be ready for a few 3 month photos. i had the honor of photographing Waverly when she was just a few days old (see those here), and hadn't seen her since. It's amazing what a couple months will do!

We stopped on our stroll through Descanso Garden's for a few pictures, not an actual session, but just enough to capture her smirk! 


Pasadena family photography: the Godson Family

i adore this family. friends of ours since before we were all parents, we've been blessed to watch our children grow together. 
Yvonne had so many ideas for their session we weren't able to fit them all into our one afternoon! We narrowed down her favorite ideas, and took off to a few fun locations around the Pasadena area. 

did i mention they were expecting #3?! now the pressure is on for us to catch up! ha! 

after, we headed over to the park for a few more: 


project 52, week 11: oooo the claw

Friday, March 11, 2011

project 52, week 9 and 10: my darling first born...

tomorrow you turn 4. 
i'm not sure when exactly you turned from my baby boy into my little man, 
it happened so fast. 
i love your smiles, and i love the belly giggles. 
you can hug me and make the rest of my troubles melt away. 
you have grown so much this year, 
i am proud of the milestones you have surpassed. 
you bring joy to everyone you meet, 
and i never want you to lose the silliness you possess. 

happy last night as a 3 year old EJV
march 2010
your last bath as a 3 year old! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

los angeles family photography: family love

from the moment they got out of the car, i was greeted by a family of beautiful smiles!
susie has a beautiful daughter, makayla, and together, she and josh created an adorable little son, ryder. 
makayla had no problems in front of the camera! she kept saying, "take my picture now, and now, and here and here, and over there, and lets do it here" she was my little session director!

 ryder fell asleep on daddy right after these pictures, so our session was cut a little shorter than we hoped, but i still stole a few pictures of his sleepy face, and daddy cuddling his mini me!  
thank you susie and josh for inviting me to capture your family! I can't wait till summer when we can take the boats out with the families! 



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