Saturday, October 29, 2011

costa mesa, ca family photography: the lower family

i love this family like a love song (sorry for the selena gomez insert- i've been watching a little too much disney channel with the boys lately!) 
they are that perfect mesh of beauty and fun, 
a little bit crazy but still always composed.
i also love it when we have ideas for staging the kids, and the kids have their own ideas of what they want (and don't want) to do! the little lower's definitely ran the show this day, and it was a blast!

 yeah, this one  ^ expect to see it on some business cards soon. i adore it!

thank you lowers, for rolling in the grass and having a blast with me! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

los gatos, ca family photography: the becker kids

 i have known these two since they were babies. their parents are friends of my pseudo family, so we have spent many weddings, holiday's and events together. i have watched them grow from adorable little kiddos who would play under the table, into gorgeous teenagers! 
they are both amazing teens, and i had a blast darting around Los Gatos High School with them. 

sean and clare, thanks for making your mom (and me!) happy by being perfect models! 
y'all rock! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

chatsworth, ca family photography: they say it takes a village

to raise your children. this family is part of our village. 
these are my future in laws. cadence and e have been married for almost a year now. everyone at their preschool knows, and we have had multiple weddings for the kids (i know, she's adorable, right!) 
we're blessed to be such good friends with the cirlin family, spending most friday nights having "happy hour" at one of our friends homes, letting all the kids run free, and the adults decompress from the week's adventures in parenting. it is something we look forward to each week, and we have been lucky to have such good friends move into the neighborhood. 

cadence really was the focus of my pictures, and while i was editing, i had e over my shoulder swooning at her the entire time! they really are too cute for words! 

cirlin family, thanks for the wild goose peacock chase!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

los angeles, ca family photography: photographers photographing photographers kids!

stephy g is an amazing photographer friend of mine who resides down in the OC.
we both know how hard it is to take time out to capture our own family photos for holiday cards and what not, so a couple weeks ago, we got our families together for some fun family photos out at paramount ranch.
 between the both of us, we had 6 little men running around the park being chased by our loving husbands, which greatly resembled herding cats! 
thank you stephy, for making the drive up, for allowing me to capture your family, and of course, for capturing mine as well! 




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