Tuesday, August 21, 2012

glendale, ca family photography: the medina family

i love meeting new families. it is one of the joys of my job. 
i am blessed to get to be part of peoples lives, whether it be for a couple hours one day,
or throughout the first year of their new child's life. 
the medina family is one of those families who i will get to see several times throughout this next year! 
i am excited to watch their boys grow, and to capture their growing relationship with each other. 
our first family session took place celebrating the little one turning 4 months: 

 the many faces of lil mr d: 

 isn't big brother adorbs too! 

thank you medina family for the fun afternoon! i can't wait to see how much the boys grow in the next few months! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

santa monica, ca maternity session: trevor and katie

trevor and i met back in high school. we hung out in the same group, were at all the same parties, and were in most of the same classes together. he was a star baseball player, and not only was he athletic, he was smart too! 
after high school, we lost touch. i would hear through the grapevine how he was doing, and knew he had ended up in illinois, but not much more than that. 
thanks to the powers of 1. me planning our high school reunion and having to track everyone down, and 2. facebook, we were in contact again! 

fast forward a few years, and i received an email saying that he and his beautiful wife katie were not only expecting a baby girl, but that they would be flying out to california for a few days and would love to do a maternity session. i jumped at the chance to see an old friend (it had literally been 13 years since we'd seen each other)! we met at their hotel in santa monica, and i took them around to a few spots, ending with a perfect sunset on the beach. 

katie and trevor: thank you for taking the time on your "babymoon" to have your photos done with me! i hope y'all make the move out here soon, and that we become neighbors!!  



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