Friday, June 29, 2012

san jose maternity session: jamie and nathan

we met in the 6th grade. she was smart, and cute, and always the teacher's favorite. when i needed a voice of reason, she was it. literally. she would say "kym, would your mom be happy your are talking/dressing/eating/acting like that?" and i'd have to say "no jamie, you're right". she would keep me accountable for all my actions, but not in an annoying way. more in the "i care about about you and want the best for you" kind of way. you know, the kind of way that only a truly compassionate and loving person  can be. i always knew she would make an amazing mother. 

and now, in just a few short days, she is expecting her first baby! 

 these shoes were the first thing nathan bought for the baby (he bought mama a matching pair!) 

jamie and nathan, i love you two and cannot wait to meet mr D in a couple weeks! 



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