Friday, October 29, 2010

los angeles, ca children's photography: the triplets are 6 months old!

it was a drizzly morning when i met up with the berg family. our original plans for doing their session on  USC's campus got squished when the rain decided to make an appearance. but they quickly were able to call up a loving relative, who offered their home, waking their daughters so we could have use of all the bedrooms! despite the fact that there was no sun, the house had amazing light, and since they had just moved in, space was everywhere! it couldn't have worked out any better!

i couldn't believe how big each of the triplets had gotten since their last session, and loved getting to cuddle each of them for a few minutes.

good luck with your big texas move, berg family! i can't wait to see the little angels when they are ONE!! 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

out of patience while out of my house

i really hate to be grumpy. and i hate even more to make other people hear about my grumpiness or bring them down. but today, i'm venting. for the last 12 days, our life has been packed into our garage and guest bedroom, and we have been vagabonds.  all of our hardwood floors are being refinished. sounds like nothing to be grumpy about, right? right. and i wouldn't be, except the whole job was only supposed to take 4 days, and we are on day 12 with no end it sight. unfortunately for us, mother nature decided to take a dump on LA for the last 10 days, and we have had cold and humid weather. not exactly prime floor refinishing weather we are learning. where a coat should have only taken 4 hours to dry, it's taking 4 days! so i apologize to all who have been trying to get in contact with me and all who have been waiting ever so patiently to receive their photos. i'm trying. but i have no home right now, and it's been cold and rainy. which means all my time and energy has been going towards keeping my little ones happy and healthy as we jump around from location to location.

apologies for my frustration. i'm at wits end and just want to sleep in my own bed again...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

palm springs, ca family photography: a quickie in the desert

during my drive out to palm springs on thursday, i had a few hours of me time. i was able to get lost in my thoughts, and really thank the Lord for where i am today, and all that has brought me to this place in my life. i am thankful for the friends and family who have stuck by my side, through crazy times (me, certifiable for a few years), and through the fun times. the ones who have been my rocks, and those who have thrown rocks at me. yes, i am thankful for them. they snapped me out of some low places. i also was thinking of how grateful i am for friends like catherine. 

she and i were college roommates. at a time where i was not making the smartest life choices, she was my conscience without being overly "mommish". when i moved out of the apartment, i cut ties with the girls i had been living with. i burned bridges. i tried my hardest to forget the people who had been so patient and caring with me (i'm telling you, i was a certifiable b.i.t.c.h. for a while). it broke my heart. so i was thankful a few years later, after we had all graduated and moved on, that catherine and i were able to rekindle our friendship. she had moved back to palm springs, but would still drive out to belmont shore for me to do her hair and chat for a couple hours. i was thankful to have her back in my life. it was as if the bridge had never been burned. 

when she called and asked if i would be willing to come out and take her christmas card pictures this year, and build her and her husbands "jimmy loves catherine" collection, i of course said yes! it would be a mini vacation for me (hey, one night away REALLY recharges the batteries of a mom!), and i would get to spend some quality time with one of my best friends from college. 

cat cracked me up the entire time, telling her husband "you better watch out, she blogs about all her sessions. she won't have anything to say about you if you keep...." so what can i say but thank you jimmy, for taking a few minutes and playing spouse to a super model! you did a great job, even if you did have your phone on your hip and keep asking if we were done yet! 

i learned a lesson while enjoying beers with catherine after their mini session: bridges can be rebuilt. out of concrete. so they'll never be burnt again. 

thank you my dear friend. xoxo

alhambra,ca lil faces: she's getting bigger!

i can hardly believe that little ayden is already 3 months old. while her debut session she slept the entire time, this time around, we got a little glimpse of her personality! i am blessed to watch little ayden grow, and am excited to see that she continues to become more and more precious with every passing day! 

 see you in a couple more months my little doll! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

christmas cards... already!

more styles have been added!!!

i've been doing a little designing of christmas cards this year. in the past, i've always done ours, and love doing them. so this year, i thought i would promote mine own. if you are a client, you will get 20% off your order of cards. and if you are not a client, well, hurry up!! you only have a few more weeks to book a session before all ordering is done for the year!

more styles will be coming as i put them together!

all cards are professionally printed (don't worry, i'm not doing them at home myself!) on thick cardstock. you'll have the choice of glossy or matte, and all are blank on the backside. 
envelopes are included.
if interested, please email me for pricing
all sizing is 5x7 unless noted otherwise.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bay Area Photographer: Last Chance for San Jose Mini Sessions!

if you have any questions or would like to book your session, please email me:

sign up quick, they will be going fast!! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

bubbly and brunch with a bride to be

tomorrow my girlfriend dina is marrying the love of her life. but before the big day, we celebrated her, and their upcoming wedding, with a bridal shower.

dina is an amazingly creative and talented girl. while most brides to be have someone else plan their shower, dina was hands on, in every sense of the word. this diy bride, did it all! with the help of her future brothers in law, they created a gorgeous tea party for the ladies. i'll let the pictures do the talking, as it was breath taking!

this is dina's mother in law, during the toilet paper wedding dress fashion show

is this not a spectacular hat! i want one for myself, though i don't think i could pull it off as well as this guest did! 

she even had the "minute to win it games" for us to do. out of the norm, and totally fun

a little newlywed game for the soon to be's

congrats you two, i can't wait till your wedding tomorrow! 

ps, if you want to see MORE images from the day, they were featured on the loveliest day blog!



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