Friday, July 22, 2011

san jose newborn photography: haley

tara and i met in 6th grade. with both of us having last names at the beginning of the alphabet, we were sat next to each other for every class we had together (which was 4 out of 6 classes!) 
we quickly became great friends, with sleep overs, movies and even a trip to disneyland (this was huge since we were living in san jose still) 

sadly, we lost contact after jr high, but thanks to facebook, we reunited just after she had gotten married. 
last month, tara and her husband troy welcomed their first daughter, haley, into the world. 

it was fun getting to see tara, her mom and dad, and her new baby girl for an afternoon! walking into her parents house almost made me feel like i was 11 again! all i needed was my NKOTB sleeping bag and a scrunchi in my hair! 

thank you tara, troy and haley, for giving me the pleasure of capturing your first family photos! i can't wait to see you grow! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

san jose family photography: she's on the move!

i first photographed brynn in her mama's tummy last year. 
then i had the privilege of capturing her newborn photos. 
now, she is giggling, sitting, and crawling up a storm (and recently pulled herself up to standing)! 

on the same day i captured her new baby cousin ella's newborn photos, we took some updated family photos of her and her parents. 

thank you jessica, brandon and brynn, for keeping me on my toes and being such an amazing family! 

much love to you three!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

san jose newborn photography: a new big sister

callie has been a big sister for 1 month.
already, she loves her little sister, and was curious to see everything that baby sage was doing.
she loves laying next to her (just as long as sage isn't taking her blanket), and she loves reading to her. 

welcome to the world sage! 
and callie,
you'll make a great big sister! 

san jose children's photography: ella

just 7 days old, and precious as can be. 
ella stole her parents hearts the moment she entered the world. 

in a house full of uncles, aunts and cousins, we managed to capture her in both her happy, peaceful mood, and when she got rather mad (i can't help it, i love pictures of screaming babies! you have to look back and laugh at how intensely they could scream!) 

thank you lauren and paul, for inviting me into your home to capture your new miracle! she is adorable, and i can't wait to watch her grow! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

san mateo children's photography: welcome geo!

just like his big brother, he came into the world a little early. 
but looking at this healthy, happy 1 month old, you would never tell.
peacefully sleeping while brother watched elmo, we were able to capture his 

 i want a poster of this one!

welcome to the world geo! 



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