Wednesday, September 22, 2010

napa, ca maternity photography: beautiful belly

i'm sitting in a starbucks editing photos right now. this is a total first for me. i've never been one of those people to bring my laptop in public and pull it out for the world to see my un edited work. in fact, i don't even let my own friends and family see the unedited versions of their photos. so the fact that there is a guy sitting behind me commenting on how beautiful the belly is in the photos, kinda freaks me out. but hey, his wife is pregnant, and he wants to get her a session for christmas. i might need to do this more often!

jessica met me in napa at the silverado country club for her maternity session. her baby girl is due in just over a month and we are anxious to meet the 2nd baby for her family this year (her sister Nicole gave birth in july)! I have known jess for almost 13 years now, when she was just the annoying little sister to my best friend. she and her twin sister always wanted to tag along, or bust us for going where we weren't supposed to. but i always loved her anyways. she reminds me a lot of me, the younger, brunette, shorter version of me, and i think that is why we always got along so well.

jess, i am so happy for you and brandon! you two are going to make amazing parents, and i can't wait to watch your little one grow!


  1. So cute! Boy, does she look like Nicole or what?! =)Beautiful sisters!

  2. Beautiful! Jess you a HOT MAMA! Kym, beautiful photos, you are so talented.




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