Monday, September 20, 2010

Napa, CA family photography: great wine, great light, and a great family.

napa is gorgeous. i don't think there is anyone who would say different to that statement. i have only been there twice now, and both times, i was in awe. september is harvest. all the grapes are hanging from the vines, just waiting to be plucked and turned into a delicious vintage. my sister came along with me for the drive up to napa so i could do a couple sessions and along the way, we pulled over (first for a napa flea market, then for some pictures of the vineyards) to enjoy the views, even though we had the three little men with us too. we were determined to make the most out of the invite up to the valley!

joe is third generation napa valley. his family runs a printing company that creates the labels for many of the wineries up there, so needless to say, he knows the good ones to go to! he called in a favor to a friend, and got us exclusive entry to a private vineyard (do we sound elite or what!!), and oh emm geee, it was beautiful! tudal wineries has everything i love: an old barn, ivy covered walls, old mismatched tables and chairs, all eclectically arranged to make it feel as if each piece has always been there, and it is only added to as needed. i was in heaven. 

add to that, the family itself: beautiful people both inside and out. natalie and joe met when she was 15, a sweet soul with a big heart, and although it took quite a few years on and off before they were married, they are now celebrating 6 years of marriage and two beautiful, energetic little boys: thomas and adam. 
we had the perfect lighting for our sunset photo session, and i had fun chasing the boys through the rows of vines, playing peek-a-boo between the grapes! 

natalie and joe: thank you for inviting me to capture your family's photos in such a gorgeous location! i loved getting to know you and your boys at dinner (complete with another round of milks), and hope we can do it again soon- set up that guest bedroom, i'm bringing the fam!!!

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  1. Wow Kym, great photos! The Herdells are so sweet and you captured them so well. Seeing these photos I am reminded that your mom sent out an announcement that you were going to be in town and to let her know if anyone wanted family photos... I forgot all about it! I would love to get some shots of Kaden and I the next time you are in town.

    Your website looks amazing. You are very talented.

    Best Wishes,
    Melissa Wagner (Ramirez)




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