Wednesday, September 15, 2010

san francisco engagement session: kristin and prateek

it all started at work. prateek was the new guy who walked past kristin's desk and said hello. although she was instantly interested in him, she played hard to get, turning down his offer of dinner and going out. (she needed to help re-shingle her sister's roof. seriously. was her sock drawer to be organized next?) he almost gave up.
it wasn't until he invited a group of mutual work friends to see point break live, that it all changed. it could have been the stellar acting (they pull keanu's character straight out of the audience, and just have him read cue cards), or the alcohol they had been drinking. they weren't quite sure. but regardless, they finally gave in and held hands. after that, it was love. he proposed in a hot air balloon while in aspen ("i didn't want her to be able to run when i asked") and since, their wedding plans have been quickly set under way!
we spent a morning in san francisco's golden gate park, expecting overcast and gloomy weather (as san fran is famous for), and instead was greeted with warmth and blue sunny skies!

kristin and prateek, thank you for a great morning in the city! i had a great day with you, and look forward to the excitement of your wedding next year!



  1. Beautiful! The fourth one is my favorite. They are all great, Kym. You're awesome!




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