Tuesday, September 7, 2010

granada hills wedding: tears flow like water!

lets play a quick game of i've never. the rules of the game, if you have done whatever i say i have never done, then you have to stand up and do jumping jacks. 
1. i have never had fun at a wedding. 
2. i have never cried while at a wedding.
(are you jumping yet?)
3. i have never cried while i'm supposed to be photographing the wedding.
4. i have never laid on the floor, in the middle of the guys huddle, to be able to get pictures of them instead of their butts on the dance floor.
ok, that last one most of you probably haven't done, but yes, i did it during brittany and romy's wedding at the odyssey in granada hills last weekend. and it was worth the pictures! 

brittany and romy sure know how to throw a party! i honestly have never had more fun at a wedding than i did at theirs. their friends and family love them, and love to have a good time, so combine those two elements, and you know it will be a great time. 

not just was it a fun time, but the tears! my god i don't think there were too many dry eyes at all throughout the day! starting when brittany had both her grandfather and father walk her down the aisle, to the first toasts in the reception. tears flowed like water!  during both the father/daughter and mother/son dances, i caught myself tearing up and having to do a quick regroup so i could see through the viewfinder of the camera! it could be i was thinking about my dance with my own daddy, or it could have been that i was envisioning myself dancing with one of my boys at their wedding 20+ years from now (i know, i know, get them off to school first), or it could have just been seeing the love that brittany and romy both share for their parents. my waterproof mascara got a workout that day, and i thank the maybelline gods that i didn't have anything running down my cheeks!

i'll leave y'all with this one. the love just oozes off of them! i might have to do a traugh wedding part deux to show the fun we had during the reception! 


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  2. OMG, these are beautiful Kym! I LOVE the one's of the bride resting her head on her grandfather and the groom waiting. I can feel the emotion!!

  3. Kym, you did a wonderful job catching all the love throughout the room. Thank you for capturing Brittany and Romy's special moments with all the friends and family. I hope you post a part 2! I cant wait to see the pictures from the reception, It was an amazing time!




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