Saturday, October 23, 2010

out of patience while out of my house

i really hate to be grumpy. and i hate even more to make other people hear about my grumpiness or bring them down. but today, i'm venting. for the last 12 days, our life has been packed into our garage and guest bedroom, and we have been vagabonds.  all of our hardwood floors are being refinished. sounds like nothing to be grumpy about, right? right. and i wouldn't be, except the whole job was only supposed to take 4 days, and we are on day 12 with no end it sight. unfortunately for us, mother nature decided to take a dump on LA for the last 10 days, and we have had cold and humid weather. not exactly prime floor refinishing weather we are learning. where a coat should have only taken 4 hours to dry, it's taking 4 days! so i apologize to all who have been trying to get in contact with me and all who have been waiting ever so patiently to receive their photos. i'm trying. but i have no home right now, and it's been cold and rainy. which means all my time and energy has been going towards keeping my little ones happy and healthy as we jump around from location to location.

apologies for my frustration. i'm at wits end and just want to sleep in my own bed again...

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  1. That totally sucks, Kym! Ugh! I hope the process speeds up soon and you can get back to normal.




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