Thursday, May 27, 2010


one baby is a blessing. two is a handful. three, well that is a miracle and a headache all wrapped in one adorable set of triplets! 

this was my first experience with shooting newborn multiples, and it was a fun afternoon! just as you'd expect, as soon as two were ready to go, the third would spit up, cry, or need a diaper change. it was a constant revolving door as to which one it would be, and mama and daddy, along with their aunt, were like a well oiled machine.  

i am in ah of their parents, and the calmness that they both have. the way they would just laugh at the situation, rather than get upset, is inspiring. but then again, i guess you have to just laugh, they are too cute not to! 


  1. Oh, that is just too sweet. Love the last shot. It's been awhile since I had my last baby...

  2. How fortunate are you to shoot TRIPLETS!!!! These pictures are adorable and they will be treasured by their families forever, seriously. Great job Kym! I'm so proud of you and your ambition and talent




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