Sunday, May 9, 2010

the walters girls

some days are just meant for shooting. the skies are blue, there is no wind (a rarity in this part of the valley), and the weather is warm, but not hot. yesterday was one of those days, and i was so happy to have a session with three of the most beautiful little girls! ellie, caiti and anna (with their mom patty) met me at the hidden chateau and gardens in west hills, to get an early start on their father's day gift for daddy (plus a mother's day gift for patty as well). the girls had never been to this enchanting little garden, and had fun wondering through the gorgeous garden and antique store. that's right,  besides being an awesome backdrop for photos, it is an antique store and venue available for parties or weddings (we had to make sure to be in and out quick, as there was a bride en route for her own wedding photos there). had i known about this place 4 years ago, i guarantee i would have held my own wedding here! but back to the girls...

ps, that awesome antique garden gate you see in the second picture, yeah, that's now mine! thanks patty!! that is one of the best gifts i have every received! it will get a LOT of use in future sessions, i know it! 


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  2. Blogger PattyCakeCreations said...

    Cute kids! Where'd you find them? Aisle 5 at Costco? :o) Love the pix! Plus I dig the "yellow" diaper cake! The backdrop was perfect for a "country" feel. You're so creative!




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