Thursday, May 20, 2010

things i love thursday!

i lost a filling 2 nights ago. how you might be wondering? flossing. who loses a filling while flossing? apparently, me. i thought the whole point of flossing was to avoid things like this happening. ugh. i'm off to the dentist in a bit to have it fixed, at least they could get me in this quickly.

so here is my very quick things i love list:

orajel. the only thing helping my poor little w sleep through the night while he's teething, and the only thing helping the pain from having an open hole in my tooth. 

tulips. so spring, so colorful, so gorgeous when they are sitting on my kitchen counter!

yo gabba gabba. i'm not quite sure how to explain this show, except that it is educational at the same time as entertaining. if you saw brad pitt's orange jumpsuit halloween costume, he was dressed as dj lance from the show. it's on nick jr, and one of the only shows e will sit through long enough for me to take a shower and get dressed. god bless yo gabba gabba.  weird but awesome.

comedy wednesdays. have i mentioned that before? i heart modern family and cougar town. they make me look forward to wednesdays. 

summer dresses. long, short, striped, floral, my closet is full of them. now that the weather is heating up, my white legs might finally get to see sunlight while i'm rockin a cute dress.

have a great week all!

i don't know if i've introduced enzo to everyone yet. he's our "fur"st born. 100 lbs of pure sugary sweetness.

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