Thursday, May 13, 2010

things i love thursday!

it's amazing how quickly a week can pass by. it truly makes me try and enjoy every minute with my children and husband, as well as with my friends and clients, because time can slip away from you before you know it.

it's been a tough week for us, people always say when things happen, they happen in 3's, and this week is testimony to that. my prayers go out to all the families in their time of loss and sadness, and i have to say thank you to God, for protecting my best friend's dad when he rolled his car 3 times after hitting black ice in the mountains outside lake tahoe.

but now for my things i love:

finding old love letters when cleaning out boxes of junk. i found one that i actually wrote and never gave to my 6th grade boyfriend. he was the one who taught me how to rollerblade backwards, and i was telling him how much fun i had on our  "roller blading date" that weekend. oh the simplicity of youth!

cleaning out boxes of junk! i wouldn't call myself a packrat, but for some reason, i used to hold on to random stuff. you know, the napkin from the first fancy restaurant i ate at (yes, the clothe one went straight into my purse),  movie ticket stubs from when movies still only cost $3.75 (must have been a matinee), a hotel key, bead necklaces from spring breaks in college (oh college!), and more letters from friends dating all the way back to junior high. the memories that flooded back with some of it were great. other stuff, i had no clue why i was holding on to it, so it went straight into the trash!

diaper cakes. i made one for my best friend's baby shower this weekend that i am so in love with! i can't wait to post the pictures of it to show it off (obviously, next week after her shower. i don't want to ruin the surprise of it!) lets just say, it's very cheery!

getting my hair did. finally. i'm doing my color for the first time since JULY of last year! i'm excited!

my new logo design. did you notice? it's a simple design, but i'm a simple person! the website has had a little facelift as well. i got bored of the black and white, and felt it was time to bring a smidge of color into it.

have a great weekend all! did i mention i'm shooting my first solo wedding this weekend? and 2 maternity sessions and a baby shower! heaven!
both my boys have their own rose bushes, planted on their 1st birthday's. w's is blooming already! 

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