Friday, May 28, 2010

l dot a dot

so even before we even met, i knew we would get along great. we were both signed up for the fabulous jasmine star's workshop in april, and she was the one to organize our groups  getting to know you  page on facebook. i hadn't seen her work yet, nor had i done anything more than see her name: verenice (which i like to say with a very french accent verrrrrreniiiiccce). but for some reason, i knew she and i would become friends.

verenice is the photographer behind l dot a dot photography, and is jsut starting her business as she finishes up law school, yeah, she's smart and creative and she's gorgeous! she asked if i could take some photos of her for her website, and i of course said yes!

she of course tried to pull the "i'm better behind the lens than i am in front" line, and all i have to say to that is: v, if you are this good in front of the lens, i better watch out,  because you rock behind it too!

for my new bpf (best photographer friend):

you are stunning!( and thanks for watching my back so i didn't get taken out by one of the dogs!)

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  1. I <3 them all! Thank you for being so fabulous and making our session so fun! I am so glad we're bpf! :)




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