Wednesday, October 5, 2011

san jose family photography: welcoming a new cousin

when sheri contacted me about taking newborn photos of her precious new little brooklynn,  she also told me her mom was hoping to get all her grandbabies together for a few photos as well. we decided to combine the sessions into one afternoon, to make it "easy". or so we thought! 

i have been photographing sheri since she was pregnant with her first son peyton, and have continued to do so throughout his first 18 months. now, he is a big brother (and that blog post is next!) 

i adore doing family sessions. especially extended families. getting all the cousins together for a few photos is always a great gift for the grandparents, plus a fun reason (if you need one!) to get the kids together. today, peyton was not in to the idea of sharing "auntie kym's" attention for photos. in fact, he screamed and cried for the first 20 minutes his cousins were there! so while mama tried to calm him down, i snapped some adorable pictures of the siblings. 

meet addison, eli and gemma
 what better way to keep kids entertained and in happy moods than to let them make silly faces for the camera! 

 we finally were able to get peyton to sit down with his cousins...
 but not for long! 
new baby brooklynn, with her oldest cousin eli

 finally! he sat (with the help of cotton candy jelly belly's, yum!) 


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