Wednesday, September 28, 2011

san jose family photography: it doesn't matter how old your kids are...

family pictures are always important. 

it seems like most people think family portraits are for families with young kids, and then not again until those kids are grown with babies of their own. for some reason, we forget our parents still appreciate family pictures, because like it or not, we are still their children! 

i know my family was victim to this. our last family picture had been taken when i was 12. it wasn't until after my first son was born that we took family portraits again. meaning there had been 14 years without my parents getting their three beautiful daughters together, with the thought of capturing us as we were. don't get me wrong, we had taken snapshots together, but not portraits. in those 14 years, my oldest sister had given my parents 2 beautiful grandbabies, and we never documented it. we had graduated colleges, traveled to exciting locations, and changed our hairstyles. but never did we think to have someone else come and update the family portrait that had been hanging in the living room since 1993! 

that was why i was happy when michelle contacted me about wanting to take family portraits for her mom. michelle and her siblings are all working professionals now, without kids yet, but they still got together one afternoon (after many months of coordinating those busy schedules) to capture their family, and finally replace the portrait from 1997 hanging on the staircase. 

thank you Cassidy family, for inviting me in to your home! 

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