Wednesday, September 21, 2011

san jose family photography: a tea party in the park

having a big sister is an amazing thing (i should know, i have 2!). madison is lucky to have ashley as a big sister. these two, while they may not always get along, definitely have a love for each other (believe it mom, it's true!) 
we had a perfect afternoon with gorgeous lighting to capture the girls together. however, they were more interested in taking pictures separately, so to keep everyone happy, that's what we did :) 

ashley and madison, thank you for being your beautiful little selves! you made my afternoon tea party a fun little session! 

 their mom let them each pick out an outfit to wear, to keep them happy between the "pretty" outfits. ashley loves the SJ Sharks, and wanted to show off the puck she scored for her birthday- autographed and all!


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