Wednesday, March 30, 2011

project 52, week 12 and 13: family time

when i was young, i dreamed of having a son. not just to have the family name live on, or to see my husband act like a little boy again, but so i could have date nights with him. yep, i wanted to take him out to dinner and ice cream, and have these fun, loving relationships you see in commercials (blame olive garden: "are you meeting some one ma'am?" "yes, he's brunette, with a great smile, and his shoes are probably untied", as the son runs up to give her a hug). luckily, i was blessed with two of my own, meaning mama always has a date to baskin robbins! 

e and i enjoying date night together...

this past week was my family's annual vacation together. 14 of us bunking up in one house, this time in monterrey, ca. here's a peek at the amazing property we were staying on...

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