Sunday, June 12, 2011

san jose family photography: a day at the park

last weekend was one of my whirlwind trips up to the bay area. i had quite a few sessions scheduled, and unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate (who would have thought in june we'd be having torrential down pours!) while a few of my sessions were rescheduled, i was lucky enough on sunday, to spend a little time with the beautiful Salameh family. They just welcomed #3 into the family 2 months ago, and i was happy to capture their first photos as a family of five! 
the sun never came out to play with us, but at least it wasn't raining! we headed over near the children's discovery museum, to take advantage of the beautiful park located outside. it was an active afternoon of tree climbing, flower picking and running through the grass, and it made me love this family's energy! 

 and of course, the two beautiful ones who started this family


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