Tuesday, August 2, 2011

happy birthday to me: the prettiest my yard has ever looked!

it's been quite a while since i did a personal blog post, and i figured, my 30th birthday extravaganza would be a good time to start up again! 

bright and early, i dragged my mama, sister, and bestie to the flower mart in down town LA to pick up the flowers. i love getting to put my own arrangements together.

 i've always dreamed of having a giant oak tree that i can hang lights and mason jars from, with one long family style table under. since that was not a possibility in our yard, i improvised...

 i wanted to bring elements that i love together

 yup, that camera really does have my name on it! 

 my cake was made by my ever so talented friend Patty,

 i think i may blow this next one up into a canvas and hang it in the house: 

sorry for the over load of detail photos, i was absolutely in love with every detail of my party! my dad was on people duty, so as soon as he sends me over his photos, i'll include some more! 

special thanks to my mom, sister, brother in law, besties Nicole and Patty, and of course hubs, for helping my dream party come true! 


  1. Kym! These are fantastic. Careful, or you're going to start getting party planner requests. Everything looks absolutely stunning.

  2. so gorgie, Kym!!! and Happy birthday!!!!




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