Wednesday, January 25, 2012

san jose children's photography: just like heaven

lana just turned one, and her mama wanted to do a vintage inspired session for her daughter.
we really lucked out that the weather was perfect on that january morning, and we didn't need to be bundled up, so lana's adorable dress could be seen!

because she is mama's little angel, we created a very etherial scene for lana's photos. lace, a quilt hand made by her grandma, and special touches from family members surrounded her under a grand oak tree.

 i created the angel wings out of a little lace, burlap, and old music sheets.

 i loved the etherial feel of this next one:

 and since i adored this photo in both black and white and color, i wanted to end with it in color!

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  1. Just it...Im inlove with all your work Kym




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