Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playa del Carmen destination wedding: kim and franky part 2

it's been 6 weeks since i had my toes in the sands of playa del carmen, and i'm already dreaming of my next trip (a cruise to the mexican riviera in june!) so until then, i thought it was time to share part 2 of franky and kim's destination wedding. 

they were awesome enough to also want to do a "trash the dress" session the day after the wedding. it's a newer trend that can scare some people (the dress! the memories! the dry cleaning bill!), while others take it as an artistic way to have a little more fun in the outfits, with the stress of the wedding behind you. 

being in the land of ancient ruins and beautiful beaches, we took a little hike and captured the essence of the area. 

and a huge congrats out to the newlyweds, they will also be welcoming a little bundle of love this fall! 

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  1. I think the trash the dress pics are the best ones from the Wedding! Fantastic pictures




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