Thursday, September 13, 2012

san francisco, ca engagement photography: amy + jeff

amy and jeff are getting married next year. i am ecstatic for the two of them, and to get to capture their amazing relationship. 

i flew up to SF for the day to go galavanting through the city with them, their two dogs, and two of their best friends (our official dog handlers!). if there is one thing SF is known for, it's the fact that the weather is completely unpredictable. and even though it was august, and 110 degrees in los angeles when i left, it was a foggy 56 degrees for us in the city!! so we were moving quickly, just to stay warm!!  while we had the dogs with us, we strolled through Golden Gate Park. it never ceases to amaze me how within such a small area, you can have SO many different backdrops for photos! it's as if we traveled around the world instead of just walked a park!

amy and jeff are so comfortable together, and are both have such goofball personalities, i knew it would be a fun day! 

 after saying goodbye to the pups and their friends, we drove across the bridge to Sausalito, where we were greeted with SUN!! 

 sadly, we had to leave the sunshine and cross the bridge back to the city, where i swear, it dropped 40 degrees! we stopped at baker beach with the hopes of getting some pictures with the bridge in the background (we got half of it peeking out from the fog!!) 

 we made one last stop on the way back to the airport: 





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