Saturday, January 30, 2010


It was 1992. Scrunci's were in our hair and everyone smelled like teen spirit. I met Lara on our first day of 6th grade, in math class. She was smart and pretty, and loved horses. I was confused as to why I was placed in 7th grade accelerated math (as a 6th grader), and didn't know anybody. We instantly became friends. Sleepovers consisted of watching The Land Before Time and Homeward Bound, and as we got older, Clueless and Varsity Blues. We lost touch for a few years after high school, but found each other as young adults. She was married, with a cute little house in Costa Mesa, where we would get together to play flip cup and Apples to Apples. It was amazing that our friendship could pick up as if no time had passed.

It's been close to 8 years now since we reconnected, and we both are enjoying mommyhood for the second time. Gone are the late nights bar hopping in Newport Beach, instead replaced with playdates at each other's homes. While flip cup might not be in our vocabulary right now, sippy cup sure is! I'm so happy to have a girlfriend with so much history, and that we can share these experinces together. Lara, I heart you, and your lil girl!!

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  1. I love your post, and of course the photos of Coco are amazing. You are growing and developing so much as a photographer. Lots of love to you!




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