Monday, February 28, 2011

long beach, ca maternity photography: no sleep till..

any beastie boys fans will know how to finish that sentence, and every time i think of chris and amber's baby girl coming in just about 7 weeks, the song pops into my head. not just because i remember the sleepless nights during those last few, long weeks before delivery: how the anticipation, the growing belly, and the baby moving all night long would keep me awake, but also because their daughter's name will be Brooklyn! i love her name, and am anticipating finally meeting her as well! 

we found this hidden little field of dried out sticks. there was something gorgeous about this mama to be, about to bring a new life into the world, sitting in the middle of a dry and dormant field. 


  1. O..M..Gosh, don't you look GORGEOUS, Mama-to-BE! And Papa ... wow, these are so beautiful. I wish I had known Kym when I was expecting my beautiful girls ... Wonderful, just WONDERFUL! Love-ly.




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