Thursday, February 10, 2011

project 52, week 6: the trailer project part 2

work has finally begun on the trailer. the cabinets and old bed platform have been removed (which took half the walls with it as well), and the prior tenants have been evicted (did you know the walls of trailers could be infested with ants? yeah, that was a pleasant surprise). 

it didn't surprise me that we found old photos in the cracks. but it did make me wonder who the family was that lived, yes lived, in my rusty old trailer. i' found bobbins of thread and even a coin purse made out of a baby bootie, so i know the woman was creative and resourceful. 
i'm sure i'll never discover the life my old trailer lived before calling our driveway home, but i am excited to bring her back to life, with the full makeover she needs and deserves! 

next step, re enforcing the framework...

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