Tuesday, May 24, 2011

los angeles photography: a day with chef

patty is amazing. 
she is a total talent in the kitchen, both making divine culinary experiences and baking scrumptious desserts and treats. 
she recently graduated from culinary school and is starting her own catering business, so she asked if i would join her downtown to browse through some restaurant supply stores. i thought that would be a great place to photographer her for her new website that is under construction. 
after our mini shoot in the store (and some funny looks from the staff), we headed to bottega louie for lunch. it was Dlish! we've decided she's going to take me on culinary adventures every month, and broaden my taste buds!

*** when blogger was down last week, it erased the rest of my post!***
i'll recreate it at a later date, but for now, i wanted to get these up! 

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