Monday, February 13, 2012

Santa Cruz engagement photography: Caitlin and Doug

like so many people these days, caitlin and doug met online. neither was necessarily looking for anything too serious, but when caitlin's response to an email doug sent was even longer than the one he sent, he was smitten.  being "long winded" and interested in both education and wine, among other common interests, they decided they should meet. 

things progressed quickly, as they realized just how compatible they were (they don't call it for nothing!). soon, they were living together, became proud paw parents to two gorgeous Husky's, and traveling the world together. 

it was on a trip to scotland (or was it ireland? i was distracted by their adorableness together and jealous of their world travel stories) at an old castle that he asked for her hand in marriage. 
she of course said YES, and next year, they will be wed in Costa Rica!

i met them in Santa Cruz at a location that combined two of their commonalities, education and wine. 
The Burrell Winery is an old red school house, with the most beautiful grounds!

we were given permission to wonder and take photos throughout, and i was in heaven! the textures, colors, and vintage junk they had strewn throughout made for a happy kym! 

 their photos wouldn't be complete without their pups!
 after a few with the pups at the winery, we headed over to the edge of the forest for something different.

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