Monday, March 19, 2012

Playa del Carmen destination wedding: kim and franky part 1

have i been neglecting my blog lately? yes, yes i have, and i apologize for that. but this should make up for it! i was given the opportunity to fly down to Playa del Carmen, Cancun capture kim and franky's beautiful destination wedding!

this was my first international destination wedding (i had to get a passport just for this trip! now it's on, i'm determined to get as many stamps as possible on that thing!) and while the thought of traveling with all my gear, on an airplane, to a country i've never been to kind of freaked me out, let me just tell you, as soon as we touched down at the airport in Cancun and i saw their tower was a giant Corona bottle, i knew it was going to be a great week! 

the gorgeous couple were married on the white sand beach of  the Playacara Palace, in Playa del Carmen. when you have a backdrop as beautiful as the clear blue ocean, and a couple as drop dead gorgeous as these two, it makes for a memorable wedding experience:

kim and franky chose to do a first look, which is always a great chance for a couple to take a few minutes to themselves before the excitement of the day begins

 remember guys, it's 1,2,3, JUMP! 

after a few memorable entrances- the happy couple made their way into the reception

 what could be better than being serenaded by your family for your first dance!

thank you franky and kim, for such an amazing opportunity! i wish you years of happiness, love and babies ;) 

and i have to thank my hubs too, who acted as my 2nd shooter for this one- his FIRST time EVER shooting an event (or even holding one of my pro cameras!)! he was awesome, and has more of a respect for what i do now! 

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