Monday, November 26, 2012

newport beach, ca family photography: the watson's

there is something about brothers that can't be explained. 
they have a language of "love" that is only recognizable between the two of them.
they know how to push each other's buttons juuuuuust hard enough to irritate the other, but not hard enough to get in major trouble. 
they can beat each other up, steal each other's toys, and yell at each other all day, but then still want to sleep rightnexttoeachother. 

there is also a common bond between mothers of boys.
we understand that getting them to sit still, let alone sit still next to each other, is virtually impossible. 
we know that the smiles and giggles will turn to screaming and crying in 3..2..1... 
we don't judge when the boys have cuts or scrapes or last nights dinner on their face/hands/arms. we've all been there. some of us more than others! 

i had a great day exploring with the watson family, and loved seeing the brotherly dynamic is the same in their family as ours!! 

 nothing like getting photo bombed by your own kids!! 

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