Thursday, July 29, 2010

long beach, ca family photography: the hattan family

i met joann when i was living in long beach. she was the office manager for the doctor who worked next door to the hair salon where i worked. we spent our lunch breaks chatting and became fast friends. she was one of the first people i told when i found out i was pregnant with E, and when she met adam, i could tell it was true love. she brought him to our couples baby shower, it was their "one week" anniversary. they were googly eyed over each other, and our mutual friend lori, who drove with them, said it was torture watching these two be so in love! when they found out they were pregnant with their daughter frankie, i was over the moon for them! i knew they would make amazing parents, and i was right. frankie is a beautiful little girl with the most spectacular eyes. now, frankie is about to become a big sister, and i was lucky enough to capture their family photos before baby hattan makes his appearance in a few months. 
we had to fight traffic, the wind, and a lack of napping, but i think the photos still capture the day and the love this family shares for each other.

joann, adam, and frankie, thank you for the fun, i can't wait to meet the little man when he makes his debut!

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  1. Oh my goodness these photos are simply stunning!! Joann would look gorgeous in photos taken with a disposable camera she's just that beautiful, but you really captured her essence; her inner beauty, not just her outer beauty.

    I think I know who we will be contacting when we're finally ready to take our family pictures this year.




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