Tuesday, July 20, 2010

laguna beach, ca engagement session: sometimes, words aren't even needed

sometimes writers block hits me. i have no words to describe lisa and josh and the F.U.N. we had during their engagement shoot. lisa is a soft spoken beauty, who doesn't see just how gorgeous she is. she has such grace about her, that even changing her shoes in the middle of the sidewalk looks beautiful. and josh. well, josh was self proclaimed "against" the whole idea of engagement photos, but with their wedding next month, lisa convinced him it was a great way to get to know me and get comfortable in front of the camera, so there were no awkward feelings on the wedding day. we had a great time wondering the streets of laguna beach and finding the perfect sun flare's in alleyways and parking garages. by the end of our time together, josh admitted he had a great time, and even looks forward to the wedding photos now (despite the new dent in his bumper from attempting a tricky parallel parking job) 

thank you two for the tour of laguna! i look forward to your wedding next month! 
check out lisa's gorgeous eyes! 


  1. Love the black and white looking back and the feet!!

  2. Thank you Kym! You are truly wonderful at what you do!! You made us feel completely comfortable and we are looking forward to seeing our big day through your eyes!

    :) have a great trip!


  3. Just lovely, my darlin! The photos turned out amazing! And Swoon over that sunlight! Love it!




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