Monday, January 31, 2011

los angeles photography: god bless craigslist, and other tangents i go off on

if i had it my way, i would redecorate my house with the seasons. i don't just mean a new throw pillow here, and a different vase over there. i mean redecorate. top to bottom. wall to wall. redecorate. but sadly (or thankfully), i have a husband who is quite attached to our couch, likes the rugs we have just fine, and thinks our house looks perfect. 

if craigslist were around when i was still single, i know i would have done it too. why not! all the treasures you can find! the pieces that just need a little love, and they can be perfect, or perfectly quirky, and then just as quickly can be sold to the next person to love just a while too. it sounds like the perfect dream!  

yesterday i brought home a new treasure. the most amazing, beautiful boned, 1940's victorian parlor couch. the hubs said i was crazy, as usual, but humored me as i made him drag it to the bay window in our room. 

isn't she lovely!

eventually, she will be reupholstered in a luscious velvet and given new life, but until then, i can already envision the beautiful sessions that she can be part of! 

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