Friday, January 7, 2011

project 52: a little more realistic than 365!

i've often warned my hubs that if something should happen to me, before he just starts getting rid of my stuff and cleaning out my closet, he better search through everything first. he's most likely going to find a surprise where he least expects it.

i'm a money hider. in back pockets of jeans that are 10 years out of style, in shoes i haven't worn in 4 years, in between book pages, in vases on the shelves. if i had an old coffee can i could bury and not forget where i put it, i'd probably do that too.

it's not that i don't have a bank account, i do. and i have great interest rates too. i just take after my grandmother, who saved all her small bills change instead of keeping them in her wallet, and hid them throughout the house. "you never know when you might need cash and don't have time to get to the bank" she would tell me. and "it's easier to buy something you don't want your husband to know you bought when he doesn't know you had the money in the first place". i loved my grandma!

earlier today, i was looking for the mate to a sock, and came across a roll of money even I forgot i hid! i don't normally pick the obvious places to hide things, so it was a complete wooooohooooo moment! it looks like a lot more than it actual was: 77  one dollar bills. but i'll take it no matter what the amount!

this also marks the first in my project 52 series for the 2011. one picture a week, to broaden my skills, think creatively, and have a little fun with photography. I tried to do 365 last year, and made it to the middle of march before i dreaded picking up my camera each day. fifty-two is a little more realistic in my eyes! i'm not guaranteeing that every picture will be inspirational or even good but i do promise to continue on until we welcome 2012! wish me luck!

and ps, i better not find any of y'all rummaging around in my things next time i invite you over! 


  1. What a great idea! 52 is much more manageable... and I might start taking your g-ma's advice. I LOVE finding money :)




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