Sunday, January 2, 2011

los angeles,ca newborn photography: a christmas eve angel

kyia was born on right on her due date: christmas eve. i was able to visit her and her mama in the hospital quickly on christmas day, and couldn't wait till she was home to be able to photograph her beautiful little face!  

 i met up with her mama and daddy on new years day, and while she stayed awake for most of my time with her, she was (mostly) peaceful with everything we did with her. and when she did fall asleep, it was cozied up in her favorite location: mama's arms. 

 so cozy...

 a family's first photos...

 daddy's future rock star...

welcome to the world kyia! 

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  1. just stopping by for a visit - thought I'd say hi! cute photos - love the dad's mustache and beard, kind of adds a timeless charm to the photos. great job with the little one, I have a difficult time coming up with angles to show off an awake newborn, you did great! I love the cuddly outfit she's in - it really draws your attention to her without swallowing her - perfect color choice (kudos to mom)




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