Thursday, April 7, 2011

healdsburg, ca engagement photography: a surprise engagement

when devin emailed me last month seeing if i would be available to travel up to healdsburg because he was going to propose to his girlfriend, i nearly jumped out of my chair in excitement! 
not only is healdsburg part of napa valley, but kristin and devin have been friends of ours for a few years now, and i was honored he asked me to document such an important part in their relationship!
it took a little rearranging and bribery of family members to watch the boys for the night, but we pulled it off! i even got the hubs to second shoot for me (that's huge! he refuses to touch my cameras normally!), so to make sure we could catch her excitement! 

devin arranged to have a group of family and friends gathered together in the middle of the town square,  
it was great to see the love and support they have of friends and family. They had people flying in from all corners of the country, just to be part of the excitement!

I'm only going to post a couple of my favorites, but to see more of their engagement, click here

congrats devin and krisin! 

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  1. Reading this allows us to live this day all over again Kym. Thank you SO SO much for your sweet words. We are so thankful you could share this day with us!!!




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