Thursday, April 21, 2011

los angeles family photography: the triplets turned one!

it's amazing how in the last month, i think i have had 6 of my little faces all turn one! 
the triplets were my first set of multiple newborns. 
i can remember being so excited, yet nervous at the thought of positioning THREE babies. 
i think only one of my ideas ended up working, because when you are working with multiple children (of any age, but more so babies), you cannot predict the dynamics and attitudes of each of the babies. 
as much as these three love each other, there were moments when i couldn't get one to sit next to the other, and don't even think of putting that one next to the other right now, and then trying to get all of them happy, or even just looking in my direction! whew! i am exhausted all over again! i don't know how their parents do it. but they do it with complete grace and love. 

 we discovered jack is more of an action shots kind of kid. there was NO getting this little man to pose!

 the only way we could get them all to sit together! oh the power of a bottle!

happy first birthday jack, hana and dalya! i have loved watching you grow, and can't wait to see you again soon! 

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