Wednesday, April 7, 2010

20 random facts...

a friend emailed me one of those forwards that i normally just erase. but some nights, after the kids are in bed and the house is clean, i'll actually read those cheesy emails. this one said to list 20 facts about you that no one knows.  i thought it might be fun, and a good way for people to get to know me as a person, not just the photographer. so here i go:

1. i eat my oatmeal with a fork.
2. i hate apples- and i don't mean the computer. i try and try to like them, and i just don't.
3. i'm a "compartmental" eater. i have to eat all of one thing on my plate before moving to the next.
4. i didn't know how to drive stick shift when i bought my first car. it took me an hour to go 3 miles because i stalled out every time i had to go into 1st gear.
5. i am naturally introverted and socially akward. being behind the camera gives me the security and confidence to be in large groups.
6. when asked what my favorite color is, i always respond "clear".
7. i collect vintage cameras. my favorite is a 1951 Vitar. i found it on ebay and paid more in shipping than for the actual camera. but i don't care. it has my name on it!
8. i love snapple facts
9. we watch jeopardy every night.
10. the lead singer of the crash test dummies hit on me when i was 16. in front of the entire audience. i was mortified and flattered at the same time
11. i have a weakness for sam edelman flats.
12. i am neither a morning person or a night person.
13. i never spell the word guarantee correct.
14. i dream in color
15. my husband and i play a game called "how'd you like to be the one who..." when we're driving. we try to come up with what would have been the worst job ever.  example: how'd you like to be the one to pound all those posts into the ground (as we're driving up the 5 and there is nothing around)  or how'd you like to be the one who had to unroll all the wires through the forest to get phone lines...
16. i would love to live on 17 acres of land. i want a property with a giant oak tree on it that i can hang lights from and put a loooooooong table under for summer dinners with the whole family (a la brother's and sister's, even though i've never seen the show) and a decrepit barn that would make for an amazing backdrop for photos.
17. i am scuba certified. although i haven't been in 10 years. sad
18. i'm going to italy for my 30th birthday. my hubs promised :)
19. i wear my great grandmother's wedding band along with my own.
20. my favorite color is.....

i'm not gonna give that one away!


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