Thursday, April 15, 2010

things i love...

today has been hard for me to come up with my 5 things i love. probably because i've been in a mood. one of those moods where everyone should stay away from me, and i better stay away from everyone else. i've just been, grrrrrrr to the world. for no particular reason really, it's just one of those days. i'm happy it's one of those days on my things i love thursdays though, because it is forcing me to think a happy thought and try to get rid of this funk of a grey cloud i have hanging over my head.

1. hiking. we hit up a trail down the road from our house today called the hummingbird trail. it wasn't so spectacular, but got us out and moving. plus i got a good laugh watching my city boy of a husband walking the trail with half a tree in his hand hitting at all the bushes making sure there were no snakes/ squirrels/ mountain lions around. seriously, half a tree.

2. target's dollar spot. i found the CUTEST notebook for my J* workshop there yesterday: yellow patent leather. i'm giddy thinking about all the amazing notes i'll get to write in it!

3. figuring out how to make an action on CS4. i'm self taught in the photoshop department, and so figuring that out on my own, made my whole day!

4. pb&j sandwiches. with more jelly than peanut butter. oowey, gooey goodness.

5. mrs fields chocolate chip cookies.

and since this is a boring entry, here's a cute picture of my boy. i can't even call him my baby anymore, he looks like such a little man now! at least my baby still looks like a baby, but even he turns 1 at the end of the month!

ps, erin, steph, and kelli, i haven't forgotten about y'all, my CO blogs are in the works still, it's been hectic since i was gone for 4 days!

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