Thursday, April 8, 2010

things i love...

i flew for the first time today without my boys. it was a weird jaunt through the airport, not having to worry about shuffling so much crap through security, making sure we didn't forget anything behind, then schlep it  all to the gate. it was weird, and i didn't really like it. and of course, i was on the flight that had 7 babies on it, so all the families were huddled together waiting for family boarding. out of habit, i couldn't help but smile and watch the families, and out of habit started to head to that section. then i realized, duh kym, you just look like the crazy lady hovering near the babies! so i sat in the one seat available between the two old businessmen.  it made my heart ache for my babies and husband, and made me realize how much i love having my family with me.

so in honor of flying, and the fact that i actually had time to read a magazine on the plane, here's my five things i love about flying.

1. sky mall magazine. where else can you find an exercise machine for your lungs, a hammock for your dog, and a "fashionable leather" wrist holster for your phone (just flip your wrist and the phone is on your ear! never again will you miss a call!)

2. people watching. i saw a man with a mickey mouse top hat, giant clock around his neck (a la flava flave), and super skinny jeans, a man with tube socks on with shorts and a hat inside out, and another woman with arms bigger than hulk hogans. i wish i had the guts to take pictures of each of them!

3. listening to other's conversions. the two sitting on the plane behind me had me laughing. "oh your from mission veijo? i was born in mission veijo! what a small world! do you know so and so?" " uh, no dude, i was just born there, i moved to colorado when i was 2" " well what year did you graduate, he's about your age" long pause, "umm 98" "oh, your a lot older than i thought, i graduated in 08, but i think he graduated in like 01" "yeah dude, i moved away like 29 years ago. i don't know him".

4. seeing family members and friends waiting for their loved ones on the way to baggage claim. i think i'm just uber emotional right now being away from my family, because seeing all the cheesy signs and the huge hugs that people were getting melted my heart.

5. seeing my best friends pregnant belly for the first time! my oh my i don't know if there is anything more beautiful than a pregnant woman's belly (besides the newborn of course)! we haven't seen each other since her wedding in july, so this is a long over due visit, and perfect time too, her hubs is on a "dadchelor weekend" in vegas. yes, you read that right, a DAD-chelor weekend. one last hurrah before the baby comes! hilarious!

now off for bed, i have 2 sessions tomorrow, and cannot wait to shoot in the beautiful colorado tundra!

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