Saturday, April 24, 2010

life, in miniature

details. some are important, others not so much. but it's the details in life that make it, well, real. a friend called me earlier this week and asked if i wouldn't mind taking some pictures for his family. his mom was going to be moving, downsizing to a smaller house, and her father had built for them a model train track, complete with flickering lights and a tunnel through the mountain. when i got to the house, i was in awe. the details that this man put into his train track were amazing. little birds on the telephone wires, people standing waiting for the trains, a man filling his tank up at the gas station, the priest standing outside the stained glass windowed church. it was remarkable. but even more remarkable were the little details throughout. the street signs, all hand painted with family members names, the ranch that bears his father's initials. the water tower with his mom and dad's names on it (along with a few ex boyfriends crossed out!) the construction sign with their old phone number as the business number. i have never seen such a thing. i know there is that show "i love toy trains" (which i've never actually seen, but i know joel mchale loves to make fun of it on the soup), and this train track would make that guy jealous! 

i loved listening to my friend's stories about watching his abuelos build it, and how he would play for hours with his brother and sister. it was great watching and listening to the excitement as he discovered new details that had been overlooked for so many years.

i was happy to be able to capture all the details for the family, since unfortunately, the train track will be no more after her move next week.

if only we could all see the little details in life, and see just how important they are to making memories real...

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  1. These just make me happy. Feels like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.




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