Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the day

i'm having a day. you know, one of those days where nothing really goes wrong, but nothing really goes right either. a day where the computer doesn't cooperate, and i have to resend an email 5 times before it finally goes through, a day where my editing gets postponed due to the fact we ran out of diapers and i needed to make a run after i use the last one out of my diaper bag. i day where the nightlight i buy for the babies room needs to be returned because, well, it doesn't light. but then it was a day where i got to sit and watch the jacaranda flowers fall off the tree and float down to the driveway. and i was able to enjoy mac n cheese with the boys. and i was able to send off some amazing family pictures to a gorgeous family, so they would have them in time for father's day. and so, it wasn't that it was a bad day, but it wasn't as if it was a good day either. it was just a day. 

i rarely feature my own children on here, mainly because i feel most people don't want to see my kids, they want to see themselves or my clients. but some days, mine are just too cute to pass up. i am spoiled at the fact i have the ability to chase them around with a camera all day if i feel like it, so yes, i do get amazing pictures of them. but it is rare that e will sit and actually smile for me these days. he's a typical 3 year old- i won't take a picture because you want me to, but some days, i figure out what i have to do to make him smile, and today was one of those days. all it took: "don't smile". i think i know my new secret weapon! you judge for yourself!

i think i know my new secret weapon!


  1. I love these pics of your little boy! So cute....the sunglasses, so cute! I would be framing these for sure!

  2. A----dorable! Like Kathryn said, definitely good for framing!




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