Friday, June 25, 2010

things i love thursday...

dang it! it's friday again, and i didn't get this posted for thursday like i meant to! it's amazing how sneaky weeks can go by. one minutes it's monday morning and you have the entire week in front of you, then all of a sudden, you look up, and thursday is almost gone! i'm not saying that is a bad thing, but when you name a section "things i love thursday" and you post it on friday, well, you see what i mean! 

1. san diego. we took our 4th annual fathers day trip down this past week, and as always, it was pretty close to another trip from hell! it's not that we plan for the trips to go miserably wrong, it's just that they do! our first year, we stayed in a hotel "right on the beach" only to find out it was a rent by the hour hotel. yeah, they didn't advertise THAT on the website, that was cockroach infested. ugh, i still get the hibby jeebies thinking of that one! the next year, we picked a different hotel, again, beach front, but this time it was right next door to a hostel, so there were some pretty creepy people walking around at all times. not exactly the beach i want to take my 1 year old to! last year it wouldn't have been bad, except our 2 year old refused to sleep BOTH nights. which meant we had a very cranky set of parents, a very cranky 2 year old, and a 2 month old with us, who had no clue anything was wrong. and this year. the hotel was beautiful, the weather was perfect, legoland was crowdedly fun, our 3 year old slept like an angel- in bed with daddy, but our 1 year old came down with a case of hand mouth and foot, and was miserable and wouldn't eat or sleep the entire trip. meaning once again, we are now 4 for 4 miserable trips to SD! oh well! we will try again next year! ha!

2. churros. their crunchy, sugary cinnamon outside, and if you are lucky, just enough dough goodness inside. we hunt them down every time we are at an amusement park. disneyland's by far are the best. 

3. my new piece of artwork for the house. nothing is more personal and sentimental that your footprints. and i now have a canvas with all four of our footprints hanging in my entryway. happy father's day m! it is my favorite piece in the house!

4. summertime! the smells, the foods, the lack of clothing! i love lazy days by the pool and the smell of sunscreen and bbq's in the air! this july, i'm starting the "no tv" rule for the entire month. not just for the kids, but for m and me too! we need to get out and enjoy these times, not waste it sitting in front of the tv!

5. acronyms. in high school, i had a group of best girlfriends, and the first letters of each of our names made "SWAKK" you know, sealed with a kiss. but since there were two of us k's it was double kiss! i always look at how words work together like that, and that is why things i love thursday i will just refer to as TILT. ok, maybe not all the time, but it works! 

happy friday everyone! it's back to business for me,  i have 2 shoots this weekend, so look for all the exciting images up next week! 


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