Friday, June 18, 2010

things i love thursday...

it's past midnight on thursday, so technically, it is now things i love friday. but that's ok. i missed last week because the hubs took me on a quick trip to palm springs, minus all computers and technology. it was much needed, and much appreciated, but also put me a little behind on work. i caught up, and in fact, have completed all project i had lined up, so until my next rush begins next week, i have a few days to work on personal project! we're redecorating, or rather, finally decorating, our master bedroom! it's the one room in the house that has never been loved on, and it drives me insane. the room that is supposed to be our sanctuary, our peaceful retreat, our love nest is nothing but a blank slate. so we're slapping paint samples on the walls today and going to pick the perfect shade so the transformation can begin! which leads me to my things i love thursday-er, friday: 

1. paint samples from home depot. i love that you can pay $3 and get a miniature can of paint. it's enough to paint a chair, or a nightstand, or a few large picture frames, and it saves you from making the mistake of painting an entire room golden yellow instead of goldenrod. the guy at home depot thought i was crazy when we picked up 6 different shades of the same yellow. he (and my hubs) can't see the difference in any of them. i however, will be able to see it as soon as they are on the wall, and will be able to chose the perfect shade for our room.

2. if you haven't discovered etsy yet, you don't know what you are missing out on! it is the crafter/ artist/ lover of handmade or vintage things mecca. you can get everything from letterpress invitations and thank you cards to handmade soaps and jewelry, plus everything in between. i have my own etsy store, where i sell my amazing diaper cakes, burp clothes, and onesie sets. in fact, just last month, one of my diaper cakes was featured on their front page! yeah, that was me tooting my own horn over it again! 

3. "the most interesting man in the world" commercials. seriously, they are hilarious! "his motto is safety third" gets me laughing every time. "he's been the best man in weddings he hasn't even met the groom" seriously,  whoever writes these, i want to meet and hug, i think they are that funny! 

4. running. so it's not really a "thing" to love, so let me rephrase that, training for a half marathon. yep, i'm training for a half marathon! my inspiration and motivation is my girlfriend janea, who when we met 3 years ago, was twice the woman she is now. she is a go getter, who when she gets it in her mind to do something, does it. and she is now a triathlete, and has convinced me to join her for her next endeavor, the rock and roll half marathon in october! so every saturday morning, i am out there doing my long run (tomorrow is 6 miles), in hopes that i will be able to run all 13 miles in just 4 more months! 

5. my daddy. again, not a "thing", but one of the most amazingly selfless people i know. for as long as i've been alive, and until he retired last year, he would be awake at work before the sun was up, and home after it went down. but i will go more into how amazing he is on sunday, for fathers day! 

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