Sunday, June 20, 2010

how cartoons saved me from cleaning my room

i was a messy child. one who believed that there was organization in chaos, and i despised cleaning my room. because of this, and the fact that my parents didn't believe that i could find anything in such a pigsty, i was often sent to my room and told i could only emerge once it was clean. hours and hours would pass, and my mom would peek her head in, to find me playing with the toys i was supposed to be putting away. "Your father told you to clean it, not play with it" she would say, and i would look up from whatever world i was playing in, and tell her i was. the door would close, and i would be left there, in the midst of everything. time would pass, and i would hear "Hey Kiddo....Kimmers!" i would open the door, and my dad would be standing at the foot of the stairs, "Inspector Gadget is on" he would inform me. "but i thought i had to clean my room" "You can take a break and come watch it with me" he would say. It wasn't always Inspector Gadget that would get me out of cleaning. it would be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movies, not the tv show), or Speedracer and George of the Jungle. it could be Jurassic Park, or sometimes the Smurfs. i figured out years later, that although my dad might never admit it, it was his way to get to sit and watch the cartoons and movies too. because of this (and of course, many many other things) i love my daddy and wish him a very happy father's day.

i also want to post a few pictures from the mini session i had earlier this week. his daddy is a lover of all things guitar, and the apple hasn't fallen too far from that tree! armed with his mini guitar and his favorite bedtime reading, he and his mama met me for some fathers day photos!

happy fathers day to all the amazing fathers in the world (mine, and my hubs included!)


  1. Great story! Totally not the point, but I loved Buffy the movie too. :)

  2. It's as though you were writing from my childhood. verbatim. organization in chaos, pigsty!, playing with toys instead of putting them away... but no cartoon breaks! :)




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