Friday, August 27, 2010

dana point wedding photography: flying solo

i'm a lover of love. a helpless romantic. i'm the girl who will help you plan your wedding because i planned mine when i was 11 years old (down to the color of the napkins and what meals would be served), and now that i am married, would love to relive those months of planning with you. i love weddings. last weekend, i had the honor to shoot my first solo wedding. yep. me. and just me. no body else. if you want to ask 'kym, were you nervous?" i'll volunteer my answer before you can even get the second syllable out of your mouth. yes. not because i didn't know what to shoot, and not because i wasn't sure if i would remember my settings and where to stand and if i would shoot everything in focus or if for some reason my camera would just shut down completely. naaaw, i had that part in the bag. but because this wedding was on a bluff, over the ocean, at 11:30 am. on a cloudless day. so what? you are wondering. it sounds gorgeous right? right! but well, high noon is about the harshest light you can get to try and shoot soft pretty pictures in. think about when you read a sundial, how small and dark that little shadow is coming off the triangle, letting you know, yes, it is midday. now imagine that coming off every nose in a picture. hmmmm, i had me some work to do! but regardless of the time of day, and regardless of if my nerves had me all discombobulated, it was a beautiful ceremony at a lovely location, with two amazing people committing their love to each other. and i think i rocked it. no matter what time of day it was!

lisa and josh, i thank you for trusting me, bymyself, to shoot your wedding for you! it was a lovely day and i wish you both nothing but happiness. as i say to my own husband every day, fall in love with each other a little more everyday, so tomorrow is always a better day than today. regardless of how amazing today was!


  1. VERY, VERY nice. LOVE the detail shots and the bridesmaids sitting with the bride. Look at you little miss J Star!! =)

  2. LOVE THEM KYM! Great job!! It was such a fun day and you captured it perfectly!

  3. Just super duper fantabulous! I love them all! You did super well flying solo! :)

  4. You officially have your wings. Beaut job with harsh lighting and all!




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