Wednesday, August 25, 2010

way to be responsible kym!

yesterday was a day of errand running. but not the fun, "lets see what's new at target that i really don't need but want to get anyways because i have to pick up more detergent" errands, it was the to do list errands: going by the post office (dread!!), the dentist (ugh, my mouth is still sore), and getting my glasses adjusted (not so bad, just time consuming). the last one was what i was actually looking forward to doing because  i had to go by lenscrafters, and they are in the mall right next to one of my favorite stores, and frankly, i shot a wedding this weekend and had some cash to burn! (sorry lisa and josh, but now you know what i intend to do with your hard spent cash!) (and sorry readers, that was a total run on sentence!) sadly, the object of my lust was closed down for renovation, and while this makes me happy that they are getting a face lift, it made me sad that i couldn't spend some mullah! instead, i had to do the smart thing and stop by the bank and deposit the checks. good job kym! way to be responsible! it just means i can reward myself next time!  ;)

here's a quick teaser from my weekend, more to come when i finish editing!!

a dana point wedding:

a bubbly brunch for a bride to be!

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